Monday, February 29, 2016

Tryouts Day 1

Firstly, we as a coaching staff would like to congratulate everyone on such a great tryout. The following players are invited to day two of tryouts which will be held tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3:30pm. If you are a freshman or a sophomore and your name is not below, please attend our Wednesday tryout which will be held at 3:30 (CHHS). This tryout is for our sophomore team.

Seth Alonso
Rowan Beidler
Jaden Thomas
Jacob Buchanan
Erick Castillo
Giancarlo Castillo
Jayden Colotla
Jhon Dique
Junior Estrada
Matias Gueren
Gio Herrera
Travis Isley
Carter Johnson
Justin Licea
Sam Marler
Mario Martinez
Christian Marx
Daniel Molina
Chase Mooney
Connor Mooney
Jeff Nigbur
Zack Nordquist
Brayden Palmer
Edgar Ramos
Wade Rollins
Irvin Tellez
Alex Tena
Brady Thorne
Danny Vargas
Oliver Vidana
Tim Webb
Brady Zarate
Bradley Zarate
Giamarko Robles
Emmuanel De Alba
Adrian Licea
Braden Terry
Marc Castillo
Brigham Ballard
Dakota Anderson
Jayden Huffman
Jonathan Castro
Britton Hoffman
Dillon Ray
Caleb Mauchley
Orlando Garcia
Enrique Arbizo
Tanner Ligman
Taylor Oldham
Ethan Anderson
Ethan Ramos
Jaydon Anderson
Alioun Ndiaye
Spencer Passey
Noah Rodgers
Jace Peterson
Justin Pfeil
Josue Savilla

Friday, February 26, 2016

Auction Dinner Tonight

The day has arrived! Our Dinner and Silent Auction is tonight. As a reminder, the dinner will start at 6:30pm. We would ask that any player planning on trying out on Monday dresses up for the dinner tonight. We have received some amazing baskets this year so please encourage all to come!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Open Gym Added

Sorry for the late post, Coach and I wanted to see what the storm on Monday produced. We will be holding one last outdoor open gym tomorrow (Tuesday 2/23). It will run from 3-5pm at Copper Hills HS.

As a reminder, those who are participating in fundraising, tickets are due today in the main office. We would encourage you however to continue to sell tickets through Wednesday. Baskets for our auction are due on Wednesday (2/24). Our Auction will be Friday at 6:30 at CHHS.

Tryouts will begin on Monday 2/29.