Monday, March 2, 2015

2015 Copper Hills Boys Soccer Team

Congratulations! The following players are members of the 2015 Boys' Copper Hills Soccer Team. We have a mandatory parent and player meeting tonight at 7:30 in the tech atrium. See you there!

Luis Vargas
Michael Brady
Cody Oliver
Parker Wilkey
Rhett Payne
Brendan Lucas
Jayden Colotla
Edgar Ramos
Danny Vargas
Jhon Dique
Justin Licea
Erick Castillo
Gerardo Lopez
Bradley Zarate
Xayvion Harris
Chase Mooney
Connor Mooney
Wade Rollins
Rowan Beidler
Jaden Paul Thomas
Jake Singleton
Travis Isley
Carlos Beccera
Aaron Nixon
Ben Gonzalez
Giovanni Herrera
Sam Marler
Zack Nordiquist
Oliver Vidana
Giancarlo Castillo
Corbin Allen
Carter Johnson
Tim Webb
Jake Buchanan
Brady Thorne
Mario Martinez

Jeff Nigbur

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Parent Meeting

Tomorrow we will hold practice at 3:30. There has been some confusion, the list of players posted on Friday is not the final team. There are still a few cuts to be made tomorrow. Once the final team is announced, we will hold a parent meeting at 7:30 pm. We will need to check tomorrow about building availability -- the meeting will either be in the media center or the tech atrium. This meeting will last roughly an hour. It is a mandatory meeting for all players and parents. We will remind players of this meeting tomorrow but wanted to make parents aware as well.